Physical Education

November 2021

Welcome back to the Active School page! We will be enjoying lots of lovely activities as part of our work towards the Active School Flag this year. We can’t wait to increase our fitness levels together and in a fun way at school! We will keep you posted on different events throughout the year ….. 

On 11th November the Junior Room and the Senior Room visited the Citadel Gymnastics centre in Letterkenny. We had so much fun on the balance boards, doing front flips, bouncing, balancing etc.  We worked so hard and needed lots of water and snacks to keep us going! We had so much fun 😊


5 a Side Football League 2019

Well done to our girls who got through to the area final of the Spar 5 a Side football league.  They came 2nd in the area final in Ballyare. We are super proud of you girls, huge congratulations!

Check out our photo gallery to see more photographs of our Active Week.


Here in Drumfad, we are very proud of our Active School status, and work very hard to keep it!  Since we were awarded our Active School Flag, we have made some additions to our playground;  our lovely sandpit is enjoyed by all, (the infants in particular!).  We also have a fantastic playhouse, and let’s not forget our wonderful vegetable garden!  Our playground really is a fun place to be.

During the year, we have lots of sporting events and classes to keep us active;  dance classes, Jujitsu, gymnastics, GAA, basketball are just some of the activities we take part in.

We also join up with other local schools regularly for fun sports days and activities.