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School year 2018/2019


Energy Workshop with Aengus Kennedy

We had a great time with Aengus today, he organised a fantastic energy workshop for us! We learned  lots about global warming and different types of energy and we also learned about lots of ways we can look after our planet.

Our cake sale was a huge success today! Thank you so much to all who supported, we are delighted to have raised so much. All of this will go towards Brigid McGinley’s rehabilitation fund.

We were really lucky to have John Fealty in to talk to us about farm safety, with a little bit of Fanad history thrown in!

All ready for our cake sale!

6th Class presented John Fealty with the funds raised at our cake sale on Friday. Than you to everyone who supported us, our cake sale was a great success!

On Friday 9th November, we will be hosting a Cake Sale. We are busy getting prepared and getting our recipes perfected at the minute. We also had a talk on the strict hygiene standards professional bakers must meet from Esther Mc Connell, of Esther’s Home Bakes. We now know exactly what we have to do to ensure that our baking is of the highest quality. Thank you Esther.😊


Happy Halloween everyone! We had great fun dressing up and playing Halloween games in school.

Our Cheerios Breakfast morning was on the 26th October this year. It

We are currently preparing for our Harvest Assembly. Our musical, Eddie and the Penguins will teach our audience all about global warming and what we can do to stop it in a really fun way!

Our rehearsals are going really well. We actually had a choreographer in today to help us with some of our dances! Thanks Miss Emmett for sharing all your great ideas with us!😊

Here we are working on our choreography.

Maths Week Fun!

Our Maths quiz today was lots of fun. Let us introduce you to our teams 😁


Fish ‘n’ Chips

The Crazy Waynes!

The King Bananas

Candy and Ice-Cream

The Big Bananas

The Senior Room also went to the LYIT along with Tamney to see the Maths Magician James Soper. This was a really interesting event, with schools travelling from all over the county to attend.

On Friday, the whole school took part in our Maths Week Trail! We had great fun measuring, searching, estimating and problem solving in the playground.😊

We had our last first aid lesson with Phonsie Mc Ateer today. We learnt how to clean cuts, how to apply bandages and how to put someone into the recovery position. Thank you Phonsie for coming to Drumfad and teach us all these skills 😊



We had a great time with the author Steve Cole in Milford Library today. He told us some hilarious stories and read some extracts from his book to us… Ten Nasty Little Toads is definitely on our ‘to read list!

Cartoon Art with Jarla!

We had a really interesting cartoon drawing session with Jarla on Friday. Here are a few samples of our work 😁

We have some fabulous entries going off to the Credit Union Art competition this year. Well done to everyone who took part!

Our first aid lessons with Phonsie started today. We learnt about what to do in an emergency situation, how to check for hidden dangers and how to assess a person who has had an accident and give the emergency services all of the information they will need to help the person. Thank you Phonsie for teaching us all of these important skills!


Well done to Christian and his team who won the Parish League at the weekend!


Hi everyone, and welcome back! We’ve all had a really busy summer break, which was great, but it’s nice to be back to school again. 😊

We’ve been settling back into class, and will be starting the ‘H’ word again on Monday… (homework!)

We’ve also started reading lovely new novels; 3rd class are reading The Butterfly Lion, and 4th and 6th are reading The Breadwinner. We’ll be starting music with Moira again very soon, so watch this space for some pics! 😎

Making Chips!

We made lots of delicious chips today using the potatoes from our garden. We brought in lots of spices and sauces to go along with them..yum!!

The Donegal County Champions visited us this morning with their trophy! Well done girls, and thanks so much for calling in to visit us!

Here we are with the girls and their trophy 😁

We had a really good time at the cross country athletics trials today, and made some fantastic times 😊 While we didn’t come home with any medals, we still enjoyed the taking part! And our teachers all agreed that if there were medals for happiest faces while running, Drumfad children would have gotten 1st place! Here we are after our races-

School year 2017/2018


The Drumfad Bake Off is underway everyone! We have Crunchie and Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, brownies, a Victoria Sponge cake, biscuit cake, top hats and some delicious chocolate chip cookies!

Our judge, Olive Borland will have some very hard decisions to make 😁


Congratulations to Kate, who got a gold medal in the Community Games at the weekend. We are very proud of you Kate!

Mindfulness in the sun 😁 We really love this weather!

Today is the perfect day to try out our solar oven!

We’ve had a really great Active School Week here in Drumfad. To finish it off, we had jiving lessons with Hayley today. Thanks Hayley!


It’s National Learn Outside Day! We made the most of the beautiful weather today and took our art class outside. Drawing in the sunshine, what could be nicer?!

We had so much fun at Work It Out on Wednesday. Thanks to Patricia and all of the Marine Harvest staff for organising such a great event!

This month, we’ve been working on our Peace IV project with Ballyheerin, and are thinking ahead to our celebration day which is fast approaching. At the minute we’re working on a drama, some songs and we’re hoping to give you a synopsis of what we did for our group project. It will be a fun packed afternoon!

We’ve also been having a great time with our gymnastics teachers Fiona and Stephen. They’ve got us doing all kinds of crazy moves!


It’s great to see Teresa from Rinka back in Drumfad again, we really love her dance lessons!

Today, we did lots of different types of dance; hip hop, ballet, and some freestyle!

Here we are putting our own sequences together 😁


The Easter holidays are almost here, where did that time go?! We’ve been so busy here, we’ve hardly noticed the holidays flying up on us! We’ve finished our swimming lessons for this year, and we’ve got really cool certificates to prove how well we all did in our swimming tests. Now it’s time for gymnastics to start! We had Fiona and Stephen visit today from Letterkenny Community Centre for our first gymnastics lesson… It was so much fun!

Watch this space for pictures of our Easter fun day!

Happy World Book Day everyone! We’ve had an activity packed day here in Drumfad, with some wonderful costumes as you can see! Here we are enjoying paired reading.


Some of our Senior Room authors read their personalised stories for everyone. We had a lovely storytelling session, with lots of characters from the Junior Room mentioned in our stories!

Kate got lots of laughs during her hilarious story!

Great story Iona!

Well done Mark!

Our World Book Day quiz was a great success, with all teams scoring very highly.

Thanks to our quizmasters for putting the question list together!


Fun in the playground!!

Some of our Science Week events have had to be postponed due to all of the snow we’ve been having, however, we had a fantastic workshop with Angela from Anyone 4 Science earlier this week… we were experimenting with acids and bases.  Thankfully, we didn’t have any explosions! (Well… no major ones anyway 😉)

As you can see, we had Ballyheerin over for the day too. We had great fun with our friends!





Snow in Spring! Would you believe it?! We took some time out today to go outside and play in the snow 😊 some tiny snowmen were built and lots of snowballs thrown! After only a few minutes of being outside in the cold however, we couldn’t wait to get back in again… our poor fingers were frozen!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We’ve had a busy day here baking lots of lovely Valentine’s treats… yum!

Happy mid term break everyone!

This month has gotten off to a great start with a visit from the boys and girls of Ballyheerin NS today. We had great fun in the playground with them, and they really enjoyed watching us present our History projects.


Some of our History projects.


Lisa and Emily Rose entertaining their audience with a spooky ghost story! Their project was based on the old Portsalon Hotel.


We also started the Human Being Myself programme with Bernie Wilson (and Ballyheerin!) today. It is such a great programme, we really enjoyed ‘losing perfection.’ We don’t need to be perfect, in fact we don’t want to be perfect! We’d just prefer to be ourselves thank you very much 😁


We had a really busy playground today with all of our friends from Ballyheerin here!

The girls are having great fun trying out our new willow tunnel. Thanks to the green school committee from Loreto, Milford who spent all afternoon planting it for us!



Happy new year everyone! We have been very busy since coming back to school, with fun activities such as swimming lessons in Magherabeg, ‘Making Irish Fun’ with Rosemary Herraghty and we’ve also been working along with Denise Blake, from Poetry Ireland. Here are some of our poems:


There was once a very small window, hidden away at the top of a castle.


One day a child looked out the window

And saw a toy that he really wanted.


A farmer looked out the window and

 Saw a nice T7 new Holland tractor.


A teacher looked out the window and saw

Children playing.


A Parent looked out and

 Saw their child grown up.


God looked out the window

 and saw a storm coming


And then I looked out the window

And saw a football

By Mark Mc Adoo 3rd class


Happiness is the colour orange

Like oranges

Happiness is the sound of laughter

If happiness was an animal it would be a sea cucumber

I am happy when I eat ice cream


Anger is the colour red

Like lady birds

Anger is the sound of screaming

If anger was an animal it would be an angry tiger

When I am angry I scream


Hope is the colour yellow

Like the sun

Hope is the sound of nothing

If hope was an animal it would be a yellow canary

I hope I get ice cream

by Tallulah, 3rd Class 🙂



There once was a very small window

hidden at the top of a castle.


And saw a small child looked out of the window

And saw a book of wonders


A farmer looked out of the window

And saw a tractor


A teacher looked out of the window

And saw a bunch of good pupils


A parent looked out of the window

And saw their child


God looked out of the window

And saw the world


And then I looked out the window

And saw a library full of books

By Iona Wilson, 3rd Class

We’re also getting ready at the minute for Ballyheerin’s first visit as part of our School Link Programme on Friday. We will also be taking part in Bernie Wilson’s ‘Human Being Myself’ programme on Friday along with our visitors from Ballyheerin. We began this programme last year, and we’re very excited to be continuing with it!


Autumn/Winter 2017


Happy Christmas! 😁🌲

We’ve been busy making all of these cool decorations today using ‘jumping clay’ which comes all the way from Korea!

Thank you Donna, for a fun filled afternoon of crafts!

The excitement is building here in Drumfad as Christmas approaches. We have our letters to Santa written and delivered, and now that our Christmas Musical (Straw and Order) is over, we are really looking forward to our visit to see  Paddington 2 in the Cinema!

We’ll fill you in on that soon, but first… our musical!! Straw and Order – what a performance! We gave an award winning performance, keeping the audience entertained from the opening scene, right up until our very last song! All of our hard work, rehearsing lines, dance moves and songs paid off in the end. We can’t wait to see the DVD .Thank you Phyllis for recording it for us!

Here are some snaps of us during the show!

Today was the day…. for the delivery of our ‘Secret Santa’ cards!!

So many beautifully made cards, well done everyone!

We made these lovely candle holders last week, won’t they make beautiful Christmas presents?!


We’ve had a busy few months since our last update.  In September and October, we were working on our SESE (History Geography and Science) projects, which involved lots of research and investigations into the reefs of the world.  We then made slideshows, and each person presented their show to the class, and then to the Junior Room.  We also made up a quiz for them to check what they learned (and to make sure they were listening!!)  Have a look at some of the sample slide shows here…. see what you can learn!


Coral Reef | The Amazing Underwater City







In October, our theme was ‘Reducing, Reusing and Recycling’, and boy did we recycle!!  Have a look at some of the fabulous creations for our very own Drumfad Trash ‘n Fashion show!  Here are some pictures of us in action on the catwalk.  The parents loved our show, and of course our commentary!


We also put on a wonderful musical performance for the parents just before mid-term.  Our theme was ‘music from around the world’.  Thanks Moira McGinley for all of your help with learning our pieces!  Our parents and teachers were entertained with singing, recorder, piano and accordion musicians, and not to forget the wonderful Macarena dancers from the Junior Room!

Here is a snapshot of some of the highlights of the school year for us so far……….enjoy!


We really enjoyed our delicious cupcakes baked by Esther. THANK YOU ESTHER!!


Suile na nÓg art exhibition was really interesting. We’d highly recommend a visit!


As you can see, Ju-jitsu is not for the faint-hearted! The self-defence skills we’re learning are really good fun 🙂


Shoebox Appeal


On 10th November we had our Shoe Box appeal collection.  Samuel Anderson, our school caretaker (who also works with the Shoe Box Appeal charity group) came and took them to where they will be checked, taped and sent away in a big lorry to all the boys and girls in different countries.  We look forward to hearing where our shoe boxes go this year!

We really enjoyed making then shoeboxes and we hope the boys and girls like them.